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History Colloquium Projects

SPRING 2007 HI 375

1) Andrew Bernstein - "Changing Roles in Memory: The Legacy of the Felshtin Yizker Bikher"

2) Corryn Carey - "Soviet-Afghan Relations and Afghan Women: The Need for a Revision"

3) C. Samuel Clark - "Dread Tattoo: Irish National Identity and Song Since 1798"

4) Alissa de Vogel - "Orginalism in Constitutional Interpretation As a Response to the Incorporation Debate and Substantive Due Process"

5) Matt Donohue - "Advertising, the 1950s Billboard Controversy, and the Ascent of Modern American Culture"

6) David Charles Heyman - "British and Scottish Identity in the 18th Century: A Survey of the Scottish Tabacco Trade"

7) Jessica Howland - " John of Fordun's Influence on the History of the Kingdom of Strathclyde"

8) Allison Keane - "Remembering Bloody Sunday: Mythologization and Memory in Derry's Catholic/Nationalist Community"

9) Taylor Leake - "The Intellectual Roots of the Nuclear Freeze"

10) Dan Moran - "Hadrian's Panhellenion: Roman Presence in Second-Century Greece"

11) Matthew Eric Pincus - "A Reexamination of the personal and political rivalries between Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and John Marshall, from the election of 1800 to the Burr treason trail in 1807"

12) Daniel Shapiro - "Revolutionary Rhetoric: The Roles of Richard Price and Edmund Burk in British Radicalism During the French Revolution"

13) Benjamin Stickney - "The Challenges of Counterinsurgency Warfare and the US Army's Institutional Response to the Vietnam War"

14) Daniel M. Walfield - " Models for World History: Modern Europe as a Product of Global History"

15) Joshua Wasserman - " The Harlem Renaissance Five: A New Approach to Understanding the Harlem Renaissance"

16) Amanda Weintraub - " Misconception and Colonial Friends: Redefining Quaker Testimonies"

17) Rebecca Ziino - "The Nation Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.: The History of Women and in the Church and Their Changing Historical Agency"