History Colloquium Projects

SPRING 2008 HI 375  001 - Professor Jordana Dym

1)  Lee Assoulin - "The Paramount Debate: Defining America's Tradition of Extraterritorial Expansion, 1898-1902"

2)  Jacob Barry - "When Atomic Bombs Start Falling, Do You Have A Place to Hide?"¹:  Cold War Politics in American Popular Music, 1945-1962"

3)  Jessica Ainsworth Dunham - "Remembering World Wars I & II in Britain: A Historiography"

4)  Tessa Fixter-Coniglio - "Building a Usable Past: Historical Discourse in the 1980's and 1990's in Germany"

5)  Lela Ilyinsky - "From Royalty to Refugee: Grand Duke Dmitri's Life following the Russian Revolution, 1917-1920"

6)  Ben Matthews - "Roland and El Cid: Early Supporters of The Formation of The Nation State"

7)  Whitney Milton - "The Professionalization of Women in Medicine: 1850-1910"

8)  Heather Moore - "Small Town Imperialism:  A Case Study of Redfield Proctor's Imperialistic Attitude"

9)  Albert Ottati - " Searching for Identity: A Comparative Analysis of Soldiers' Own Writings from the Mexican American War and the American Civil War"

10)  Katherine Purcell - "Between Tradition and Progress: Robert Kennedy's Decision to Run in 1968"

SPRING 2008 HI 375  002 - Professor Erica Bastress-Dukehart

1)  David Baker - "Reformations and Revolution" The Politics and Religion of Luther, Latimer, and Henry VIII

2)  Jessica Bick - "Our Last Leader": Re-evaluating The Reign of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and the Edwardian Conquest of Wales

3)  Chris Bendann - "Hildegard of Bingen and Julian of Norwich: Female Authority through the Visionary Experience"

4)  William A. Cabell - "Broken Communion:"  Political Authority and the Theological Disputes of Nicaea and the Anglican Controversy

5)  Nicholas Dorenburg - "The Schlieffen Plan: A Historiography of the Inevitability Bias in World War I Scholarship"

6)  Ben Fairbank - "Evangelization, Not Civilization!" A Study of the Missionary Movement and Empire in the Nineteenth Century.

7)  David Mauer - "Remembering the Armenian Genocide: House Resolution 106 and America's Foreign Policy Challenges"

8)  Jacob Navarrete - "Temperance and the Gender Question:  A Historiography"

9)  Nathaniel Osborn - "Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue as an Autobiographical Reflection of the American Dream in New York City"

10)  Noah Strangio - "Next Year in Jerusalem:"  Conflicting Narratives of Zionism and the Creation of Israel

11)  Alexandra Thomas - "The Last of the Romans and The Infinite Universe: The Philosophical Worlds of Boethius and Giordano Bruno"



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