History Colloquium Projects 2009

Spring 2009 HI 375 001 Colin McCoy HI 375 002 Jordana Dym


1)  Rock Positano - An Investigation into the Boston Inoculation Controversy of 1721

2)  Charles Crawford - A Society of Friends or Noble Conspiracy?

3)  Andrew Sibley - To the Freemen and Inhabitants:  An Examination of Pennsylvania and New York Broadsides from 1765-1776

4)  David Leibovitz -Constitutional Interpretations: Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

5)  Alison Schultz -The Original Intent: John Marshall and the Aaron Burr Conspiracy Trial

6)  William A. Cusey- Lincoln’s Kentucky: How a Relationship Defined Emancipation and Shaped a War

6)  John Lillis - From Whigs to the White House: Seward, Lincoln and the Tide of Succesion

8)  Steven Joseph - Reactionary Politics during the Great Depression Era: The Business Plot

9)  Sara PruneskiLost In Translation:  George F. Kennan and the Interpretation of Containment by the    Truman Administration

10)  Will Dunkling - How Cuba was Won, and American Reaction to the Loss of a Colony

11)  Alexandra Tedaldi - Censoring Kurt Vonnegut: Exposing Two Generations’ Hopes and Fears

12)  Steven Mastanduno-The Peculiar Story of Vortex I

13)  Phil Pineau- Wonder Woman: Wonders, Women and Female Superiority in 1940s American Comic Books

14)  Morgan Carter- Vietnam: Music, Society, Politics

15)  Bryan Burford- Outlaw Blues: Crime, Violence and Roots of Black Musical Culture

16)  Erica KratzThe Curious Case of the Liberti: First and Second Century CE Freedmen of the Roman Empire in Contemporary Scholarship

18)  Emma Thompson - The Sea Monsters of Olaus Magnus: Classifying Wonder in the Natural World of Sixteenth-Century Europe

18)  Asher Jacobs- Painting the Revolution: Interpreting the French Revolution in Post-Thermidorian History Painting, 1795-1799

20)  Richard Smith - A Radical Proposition: The Federal National State of the 1848 Kremsier Constitution

21)  Elizabeth Dickey - “Sorry”: United States and Australian Press Coverage of Australia’s Apology to the ‘Stolen Generations’

22)  Amy Cantone - GI Joe vs. the “Soda Jerks”: Conflicting Perceptions of America’s Citizen-Soldiers from World War II

23)  Giselle Cohen- Pope Pius XII: The Great Debate

24)  Emma Dill- Unflappable but not Impervious: How Courtroom Demeanor and Word Choice Reveal the Cracks in Nazi War Criminal Otto Ohlendorf’s Façade

25)  Rachel Tashman- German Film in the interim period, 1946-1949:Re-examining Trümmerfilme

26)  Sara Brakeley - Janet Flanner’s ‘Letter From Paris’: Journalism as a Mediator of Franco-American Relations

27)  Courtney DeStefano - From Socialite to Soldier: Constance Markievicz and the Construction of Militant Female Irish National Identity

28)  Brendan Woodruff- Vive le Québec Libre! The Limited Contribution Catholic Education to Distinctive Québécois National Identity

29)  Jeffrey Gelin- The Historiography of the Occupation of Afghanistan

30)  Matthew Michaels - Save the Nation: Nationalism in China from the Late Qing to the Early Republican Eras, 1894 - 1927


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