History Colloquium Projects 2009-2010

FALL 2009 HI 375  001 
Professor Jennifer Delton

1)  John Batch—”Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in the Second World War Justified?”

2)  Christopher Dargotakes—Unlikely Neighbors: German Prisioners of War in Rochester, New York 1942-1946

3)  Jaclyn Goren-Greenberg— “The Jewish Community in Palestine and the Second World War”

4)  Jessica Haley—”Reluctant New Citizens: The German Expellees in the U.S. Occupation Zone”

5)  Mary Hurd– “Coming to Terms with the Past:  The Gϋnter Grass Revelation”

6)  Jeff Meyers—”Italian Foreigh Policy 1918-1936: A Reflection of European Self-Interest”

7)  Brian Petchers— “Hitler’s Decision to Declare War on the Soviet Union”

8)  Nate Weitzer—”A Tale of Three Tropes: Reconsidering the Cold War’s Origins

SPRING 2010 HI 375  001
Professor Tillman Nechtman

1)  Alexander Bates“Defending Liberty:  The Case of British Colonists 1763-1776”

2)  Kyle Hansen– “Sate European Home:  The Components of Power, Colonial Rhetoric and the Construction of Identity”

3)  Steve Jacobs – “The Morality of a Debtor:  Reconstructing the Scottish World of James Wilson”

4)  Jane Kelly– “Purveyors of God and Country: Australian Baptist Missionary Women at Work in East Bengal 1882-1894”

5)  Elizabeth McKenna– “Eminence in a Transnational World:  A Case Stud of Ghana at Independence”

6)  William Raucci - "The 200; The Athenian Triremes"

7)  James Sacks“Thomas Paine’s Cis-Atlantic Globetrotting:  The Limitations of Trans-Atlanticism and Political Experiences”

8)  Henry Sherwin“A Moon Among the Lesser Stars:  Daniel Leonard One Man’s Struggle within Empire”

9)  Eric Silverman“Slaves Captains:  The Lost Voices of the Debates over the Slave”

10)  Jillian Zatta“A Nation of Pirates” Piracy, State and Empire in the British Atlantic”


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