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History Colloquium Projects 2010-2011

FALL 2010 HI 375  001 - Professor Tillman Nechtman

1) Jacob BoersmaDangerous Diplomacy: The State of Anglo-Mysorean Relations on the Eve of War

2) Samuel Dickey- A Nation without Borders

3) Ethan EffUnlikely Refuge: An Examination of the Jewish Migration and Settlement in East Asia during the Holocaust and the Social Elements that Enabled an Exodus   

4) Sarah ElwellDon’t Call Me Ishmael: An American Whaler’s Experiences in the Contact Zone

5) John Ferguson- Restoration of Sorts

6) Everett Hoffman- From Mimicry to Swaraj A Transnational View of Gandhi’s Relationship to the Western World

7) Eric Jones - "Communists Movements: A Comparative Global Survey"

8) Abigail Kahn- The Role of Food in Jewish Immigration to the United States

9) Caitlin MahonyRevising the Revisionism of the Congress for Cultural Freedom

10) Kate NeriThe Capsized History of the Sea-Venture: An Atlantic Tall Tale

11) Edward Ray- The Vicissitudes of Colonial Discourse: An Analysis of the Diary of Amar Singh

12) Daniel Sznjderman- "The Pacific Ocean in Nineteenth-Century American Foreign Policy"

13) Greg Yuen- The Inevitable Path to the Abolition of Slavery in Jamaica, Uninfluenced by Haiti and the Haitian Revolution

SPRING 2011 HI 375 001 - Professor Erica Bastress-Dukehart

1) Randy Abreu -“The Struggle for Independence: Autonomy, Self-Governance and Unity in 19th-Century Dominican Republic.”

2) Douglas Carter- Erik XIV of Sweden: An exploration into the Rise of the Swedish Empire during the Seven Years Nordic War and the Reformation in the 16th Century

3) Alexander Charlton- Early 18th-Century Atlantic Pirates and the Floating Democracy: A Social Experiment of Early Enlightenment Ideals    
4) Patrick Glennon- Suzanne Gaudry & Jean Bodin: Gender, Sexuality, and the Intersection of Victim and Persecutor in Early Modern French Witch Persecution

5) Elizabeth Gronquist- The Uncommon Law: Transportation as a Form of Punishment and the Discourse of Colonial and Common Law in 18th and 19th Century Britain and New South Wales

6) David Inkeles- The Paradox of Slavery in Revolutionary-Era Virginia: An Unlikely Offshoot of Enlightenment Thinking

7) Matthew Kelsey- The Unthinkable History of the Haitian Revolution in the United States

8) Bryce Klatsky- The Forgotten Soldiers of Saratoga; the Loyalists if Burgoyne's Campaign, an Historiographical Reassessment

9) Kyle Montour- The Thirty Years’ War: Frames, Pestis et Bellum

10) Marlee Rosen- A New Jewish Question: Secularization and the Autonomy of German-Jewish Communities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

11) Anne Satinover - The Creation of a National Identity: American Folksongs and the Revolutionary War

12) Erica Sabrina Schnabel- Untangling Monster Theory:A Historiography of the Monster and how it Changed History

13) Jacques Ward- The Martial Races: The Impact Racism truly played

14) Amanda Werner- Man Into Myth: Ethan Allen’s Quest to forge a Vermont Identity in the Green Mountains