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Jenny Huangfu Day 2013Jenny Huangfu Day is assistant professor of History at Skidmore College. She holds a Ph.D. in History from University of California San Diego.  She teaches survey courses in East Asian civilization, Modern Chinese and Japanese history, and specialized courses on Chinese intellectual history (with a focus on Confucianism) and East-West cultural interactions in the 19th century.  In her courses she strives to make an unfamiliar time and place lively and emotionally relevant to students, while encouraging them to make sound historical arguments and hone their critical thinking.

She is preparing Internalizing the West: Qing Envoys and Diplomats in Europe, 1866-1893 for publication and is the author of "Roads to Salvation: Shen Congwen, Xiao Qian and the Problem of Non-Communist Celebrity Writers, 1948-1957" in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture.