Video: Magnify and YouTube

The spread of affordable digital video has enabled amateurs and professional alike to capture events or create short subjects to an extent never before possible. Skidmore students, faculty and staff, and alumni, employees are contributing to an ever-expanding video collection that you'll find on two video-sharing platforms:

Here are additional Skidmore-related channels and videos that may be of interest:


  • Ad-Libs
    The Ad-Liberal Artists are an improvisational comedy troupe that performs often on campus.
  • Drastic Measures
    A coed a capella group, Drastic Measures performs at various events on campus and in Saratoga, raising money for a different charity each semester.
  • Sketchies
    This student sketch comedy ensemble performs live at comedy festivals and produces a new video episode each semester
  • Sonneteers
    Skidmore's oldest a cappella group, the Sonneteers have performed at school and intercollegiate events, for civic and charity functions, on television, in the recording studio. The all-female singers' repertoire has ranged from college songs to jazz standards, from calypso to pop tunes. [
    Web site]

Dance videos

  • Skidmore Dance Ensemble performance with violinist Munkhsetseg Ayurzana. Dancers: Jessica Herring, Margaret Stack. Choreographers: Mary Collins Harney, Denise Warner Limoli
  • What Makes Us Tick: Contemporary modern dance piece. Music: "US Placers" by Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams (CRS) Featuring Thom Yorke. Choreography: Amira Streeter. Dancers: Amira Streeter, Chelsea Muroda, and Meredith Robinson.


  • Elevator Music: An installation at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery
  • History of Animation [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] by English major and aspiring filmmaker Aaron Davis '09
  • Is Hip Hop Harmful to Minors? [Part 1] [Part 2], class discussion led by Danny Tejada (aka DJ Daddy Mack), president of Hip Hop Alliance
  • Operation Anthropoid [Part 1] [Part 2], the story of a daring secret mission Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia in 1942, by Aaron Davis '09
  • Project T.O.E.: Multimedia production on the "theory of everything" by by Jordan Taler '07
  • Skidmore in Antigua: Documentary by David Brown '07, following seven Skidmore education majors as they travel to the island of Antigua to integrate themselves into the Antiguan educational system and culture
  • Teachers of Antigua [Part 1] [Part 2]: A film by Aaron Davis '09 about the impact of Skidmore's University Without Walls and student teacher programs on the educational system in Antigua.
  • TV3 Tour: Short documentary about Skidmore's student-run, closed-circuit television station, produced by Jon Betz '09