Computer Replacement and Purchasing Guidelines
(adopted by IRC, 3/97)

1. A computer is eligible for replacement under the following conditions:

a. Computers that are 4 or more years old are candidates for replacement if they meet one of the following conditions:

1. The unit is no longer able to run the College-supported applications.

2. The unit is in need of repair or significant upgrade.

3. The unit represents abandoned technology that is no longer compatible with colleagues in that office or department.

b. Computers that are less than 4 years old are candidates for replacement only when they meet both of the following conditions:

1. The unit can be recycled to another campus location.

2. The unit is clearly no longer appropriate for its current user. This might typically include conditions similar to those stated above.

2. When a computer purchase replaces an older unit, the replaced unit must be returned to CITS within 90 days.

IRM will review the age and condition of the machine. Where appropriate, it will recycle units to other locations at the College based on consultation with the Associate Dean of the Faculty or other appropriate College officials. Its goal will be to achieve the maximum benefit to the College as a whole.

3. Both the review of capital budget requests and the placement of recycled computers shall be guided by the principle of serving the greatest good to the largest group of users. This includes:

a. Preference is given to classroom, curricular, scholarship and public-access needs.

b. In the administrative areas, preference is given to the core support services.

c. When reviewing personal desktop computers, preference is given to those individuals who are most active in the use of computer technology as a professional resource.