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Mobile Devices Resources

The recent explosion of mobile devices provides the potential for faculty and students to explore unique new ways of learning. Academic Technologies staff in partnership with faculty are exploring the pedagogical role of of mobile devices by experimenting with the iPad. We are interested in how these devices are being used in teaching and learning especially when used as a presentation delivery tool.

Interested in Exploring the use of the iPad?

  • For personal purchases:
  • IT encourages you to visit the Skidmore Bookstore where Bob Carlton can assist you with placing an ordering for an iPad and AppleCare coverage and warranty. IT highly recommends that you purchase AppleCare at the time of any purchase.

  • For departmental purchases:
  • Departments may purchase iPads with their own department funds. An iPad may not be used as a person’s primary computer. It cannot be considered a primary computer when it comes time for a 4 year replacement. All iPads for institutional use should be purchased through IT (Kathy Kinnin) so that the AppleCare gets automatically registered and we can inventory it. We need to inventory the device so that we can keep track of how many we have, who has them and the warranty information. IT does not provide or purchase adapters, plugs, cords, or cases.

  • Upcoming App Reviews
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