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IT Account Creation

Password Rules

You can read the password rules here.

Did you forget your ID number? Recover it here.

Create Your Account

This process starts with the registrar for students and human resources for employees. Until those offices enter your personal information, you cannot create your new account.

You will need your Skidmore ID number, which was provided within your admission acceptance letter, or with your human resources documentation.

Create your account HERE.

Note: Account creation involves several components that take up to two hours to be completed.  For incoming students these primarily affect the Academic Interests and Scribner Selection applications; for Faculty the Student Records and Advising portal.  After you have created your account if you cannot access these applications, please try again after two hours before reaching out for help.

Guests Affiliated with the College

Guests who are affiliated with the college and have a need to log onto college-owned equipment may obtain a temporary username and password. The account may last from one day to two weeks. It allows logging onto computers or wireless. Such an account does not have network rights such as access to our servers; it essentially has only Internet access but it does allow network printing.

These guests may stop at the help desk on the first floor of the library during our normal working hours and make the request in person. In the evening, the technicians from media services who setup projectors, sound, etc. are able to generate guest usernames and passwords in a crisis. An example would be a speaker from off-campus needs to be able to log into a computer and their sponsor did not plan ahead and request guest access.

Employees may also plan ahead and request guest access in advance of the speaking engagement or conference. Call the help desk at (518) 580-5900. Be prepared to answer several questions about the visitor, the time period, and so on.

Guests without College Affiliation

Skidmore College has special Wi-Fi for those guests who are not logging onto college-owned computers. Please point your device to the Wi-Fi access point named Skidmore Guest. You need to accept the policy on appropriate use and you need to provide your email address.

This Wi-Fi is excellent for guests such as visiting family members, admissions tours, some guest artists, vendors, and more.

Employees and students must not use Skidmore Guest. It does not provide access to college resources such as printing, Blackboard, and student systems.