A separate link within the Oracle E-Business suite, Skidmore Advisor Self Service is available for managing advising relationships with students. Access to this information is also granted as part of the faculty user registration process for a Skidmore account.  Using this link an advisor can view his or her advisees, view and release advising holds for course registration, request a degree audit , view a student’s planning sheet prior to course registration, and view or print an advising copy of a student’s transcript.

Student Degree Audits:
A degree audit indicates a student’s progression toward fulfilling the course requirements for a particular degree and major, and indicates requirements that have been met as well as ones still outstanding. The Oracle student system interfaces with a third party application, DARS, to process degree audits for campus undergraduates. A separate auditing system is available for UWW students. Both campus undergraduates and faculty have the ability to request and view a degree audit for an individual student through the Oracle self service applications. UWW students and academic advisors use a Skidmore developed system.

Faculty Department Chairs:
A separate set of functions Skidmore Admin Faculty Support Self Service is available in the Oracle E-Business suite for department chairs. Enterprise Systems assigns this set of fuctions to a new department chair manually on receipt of a helpdesk ticket with the request. This set of functions allows the department chair to respond to special permission requests from students for other faculty members within the department.

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