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Campus Undergraduates

Creating an Account:

Course Registration:
Within the Oracle E-Business suite are a set of self-service functions that allow campus undergraduate students to view their schedules, register for courses, request an audit of progress toward a degree, and see their academic history to date. These function are grouped together under a link Skidmore Student Self Service, and accessible with the Skidmore username and password. All campus undergraduates receive an account with Skidmore Student Self Service as part of the provisioning process for a Skidmore username. A guide to the functions and navigation in student self service is available on the Registrar’s page.

Degree Audits:
A degree audit allows a student to see his or her process toward completion of requirements for a degree, both the all college requirements, and the specific requirements for one or more majors. A campus undergraduate student can request and then view or print a degree audit using Skidmore Student Self Service,.

Master Schedule:
The college maintains an on-line Master Schedule of all courses and sections being offered each term. The master schedule is searchable by term, academic department, course status, and credits. Generally the current term and immediate past terms are available in the master schedule. Once the course offerings are set for the next term they are also made available. Any questions regarding the master schedule should be referred to the Office of the Registrar.

Requesting a Transcript:
Skidmore provides both official and unofficial transcripts to their “campus” students via an on-line process.  There is no charge for unofficial transcripts and, with a login, they are provided as a PDF file directly to the student without intervention by the Registrar’s office.

Official transcripts are also requested on-line using the student’s/alum’s login.  A fee is required for official transcripts.  Students and alumni have the option of paying for transcripts as they request them or paying one-time “Lifetime Transcript Fee”, which allows for an unlimited number of transcripts at any time after the fee is paid.  Payment for the transcripts can be made by Credit Card or Check.  Current Skidmore students can also use their Skidmore ID card to pay for transcripts.

Transcripts are normally mailed via the US Postal service and are normally processed by the Registrar’s office by the end of the business day after the request was made.  For those who require it, there are priority delivery options, but these sometimes take the Registrar’s office a little longer to process.  There is a surcharge for priority delivery options and is required even if the “Lifetime Transcript Fee” has been paid.

For former students who do not have a valid Skidmore login, for example someone who took courses at Skidmore which they ultimately transferred to another institution, an online “no-login” option is provided.  The same types of transcripts and payment restrictions above are available, however using this option results is a summary sheet which the requestor must print out, sign, and provide to the registrar’s office before any processing will occur by the Registrar’s office.

The transcripts can be requested via the Registrar’s office web page.

Students and alumni of the University Without Walls (UWW) and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) do not use this process to request their transcripts.

Many instructors use Blackboard to manage on-line content for the course sections they teach. Those students enrolled in sections for which the instructor uses Blackboard are enrolled automatically into the section in Blackboard. The login to Blackboard is the Skidmore username and password.

Finding a Campus Job:
The Student Employment Program at Skidmore College is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop beneficial work experience while attending classes. Students can contribute to their education fund, while learning skills that will benefit them in both the classroom and beyond; whether it is keeping College offices, labs and facilities running smoothly, engaging in research with a faculty member or serving the community as a reading tutor.

Tracking Hours Worked:
Some on-campus jobs record hours worked when a student swipes the Skidmore card through a time clock. Other campus jobs use a web based method, Student Autotime,  for submitting hours worked during a pay period. A student’s supervisor will indicate which method is appropriate for the job.

A student can login with a Skidmore username and password to view his or her bi-weekly pay slip at this link.

Emergency Evacuation Plan Address:
You man enter or edit your Evacuation Plan information through Skidmore Student Self Service or directly on this link

If logging in from a public computer. Please make sure to logout before stepping away from the computer.

Post Office Box Lookup:
All Skidmore students have a Skidmore assigned on-campus PO Box, located on the ground floor of Case Center, outside the Post Office. 

To retrieve your assigned Skidmore PO Box number and combination, click here and log on using your Skidmore username and password.

If logging in from a public computer. Please make sure to logout before stepping away from the computer.