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Oracle E-Business Suite

Skidmore uses the Oracle E-Business suite on an Oracle database as the foundation for collecting core business data for financial, human resources and student processes. This type of software is often referred to as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and the ERP at Skidmore consists of Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll and the Oracle Student System.

All active campus students and employees receive a login to the Oracle Applications when they first create an account, and are able to view and manage their personal information. A person’s role at the college determines the additional functions made available within the applications for other kinds of data entry and reporting.

The college began using the Oracle financial modules in 1998, included the human resources and payroll modules in 1999, and went live with admissions and student course registration for the fall of 2005. The core database contains transcript data from the legacy AIMS system going back to 1985.

The core applications have multiple integration points with smaller applications that manage additional aspects of campus life – housing, campus cards, financial aid, alumni relations and institutionally developed software.