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Departmental and Supervisory Management

GL Viewing:
Within the Oracle E-Business suite are a set of Skidmore-developed self-service functions for employees to view departmental financial and budgeting information.  Requests for access to these functions should be directed to Financial Services. Once an employee has been granted access to Skidmore GL Viewing and has been assigned an account range for their particular department, they can access the reports by logging in to Skidmore GL Viewing and run the reports based on their granted account range.

The list of reports include Financial tracking reports at the Budget level and at the Journal detail level, as well as Purchase Order inquiries, and a Budget Preparation spreadsheet option.

Managing Purchasing Card Transactions (PASS):
Departmental review and approval of purchasing card transactions through the Skidmore P-Card is available in a web-based application called PASS.  Requests to setup a new departmental user in this system should be directed to Financial Services; once the account is established, access is via the Skidmore username and password. Details on the purchasing card program and transaction review are available on the Purchasing page.

Initiating a New Hire or Renewal ATE:
Skidmore uses a hosted system, PeopleAdmin, to initiate and process an ATE (authorization to employ) for a non-student hires on campus. The software is accessible from the HR web pages using the link  ‘Authorization to Employ (ATE) on line’.

An employee who has never used the system before can request a new account through HR by clicking the ‘Create an Account’ button, and submitting the request. Once approved, the new account validates against Skidmore’s Active Directory server using the Skidmore username and password.  Training is available from HR on submitting a request to post and fill a vacant position, a process that uses workflow to route the request electronically through various stages toward final approval. Once a job has been posted, it is possible for members of a search committee to view the submitted application materials on line.
Guidelines for the hiring process can be found at Skidmore College: Hiring Guidelines.

Supervisor Validation of Hours Worked:
There are several systems available, Autotime, Student Autotime and TimePro, for managers to use to validate the hours worked for employees and student employees whom they supervise. The Payroll office does an initial setup in each of these systems to set access permissions and supervisory relationships for the manager. The appropriate system is determined by the method designated for the employee to enter hours, whether via the web or through a card swipe at a time clock. Some of the validation systems require the installation of client software on the manager’s PC and others are web based. Further information is available through the Payroll office. 

Validations of web time entry for students through Student Autotime.

Validations of web time entry for support staff through Autotime.