University without Walls

UWW Degree Progess

Within the University Without Walls (UWW) Advising/Registration module, both the student and the academic advisor can access a degree progress page.  This page details the courses taken by the student.  It shows, in addition to the coursework, how the academic advisor determined the course met the UWW course distribution requirements.  If the course has been completed it also shows the grade the student attained.

There are two major sections to the degree progress page.  The first lists the various distribution areas and shows the courses fitting into the areas.  This section can assist the student and advisor to identify areas where the student still needs to satisfy distribution requirements.  The second portion simply lists the courses taken in term order, along with the distribution area(s) that a given course satisfies.

The student and academic advisor both can use this document as a starting point for conversations about how the student might best meet the UWW requirements (outlined in the UWW student handbook).  Additionally, the student can expect that this document will be presented to the UWW committee at the student’s degree plan review.

UWW Course Registration

University Without Walls (UWW) course registration is managed through a UWW Advising/Registration module developed at Skidmore.  This can be accessed via a link from the UWW home page or directly here.  A valid Skidmore computer account is required to enter the module as is being a current UWW student.

Students can use the module to request enrollment in a variety of courses which UWW recognizes; among them are courses offered directly through UWW, courses offered to the residential undergraduate Skidmore students, independent study courses, courses offered through other institutions and Final Projects.  Once the student has requested the course, the student’s academic advisor evaluates the course selection.  If the advisor approves enrollment in the course, the UWW registrar enrolls the student in Skidmore’s student recordkeeping system.

The module also supplies other features which are helpful to the student.  Among them are the ability to plan a semester (create and manipulate a semester’s courses) without submitting to the advisor and to request a course drop after enrollment (which must be approved by the advisor). Also included are email links to the student’s academic advisor and faculty advisor (if s/he has one) and access to UWW on-line course content.

A degree planning page is provided to the student and the academic advisor which details the courses the student has taken.  They can use this to evaluate how those courses align as compared to UWW’s requirements (outlined in the UWW Student Handbook) .

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