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Query and Reporting Tools

Crystal Reports is a powerful reporting tool that is embedded in several applications used at Skidmore College.  These software applications come with many canned reports that can be used as delivered and are accessed directly from the application.  Other applications that do not have an embedded reporting tool can use Crystal Reports as well.  If new reports are needed or if existing reports need to be customized, then Crystal Reports must be installed as a stand alone application on individual machines.   

Oracle Discoverer has several different levels of functionality and can be used with any Oracle database.

Discoverer Viewer
is accessed from your IE browser to view existing reports only.  Parameters can be used to narrow the information for these specific reports.  Access to these reports is based on user access to specific databases and reports. Click here to launch Discoverer Viewer

Web Discoverer is accessed from your IE browser.  However, Web Discoverer allows creating new reports and modifying existing reports, based on users access to specific databases and reports. Click here to launch Web Discoverer.

Discoverer Client is a shared client installation on a server that gives users more functionality.  Discoverer client application requires a valid network login on a Terminal Server and access to the data is based on your access rights to the database and reports.

Training is available for these reporting tools.  Submit a helpdesk ticket for this request here.