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IT Network Storage Tips

Apple Macintosh Server Access

Connect to a data server such as Datastor or GIS Server

Microsoft Windows Server Access

Instructions to connect to servers such as Datastor or GIS Server


VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking. VPN software turns your ordinary, insecure Internet connection into a secure tunnel to the college's network and servers.

VPN is not a connection; it is software that makes an existing connection more secure.

Directions for:  OS X  XP  Vista & Windows 7  Windows 8.1 (not Windows 8 RT)

Issues with the Road Runner Network in Campus Residences

Road Runner's help desk has a special number for dorm issues: 518-640-8621

  • Students living in dorms: This is the only number you should use to contact Time Warner's Road Runner or Cable TV help desk. The technicians at this number are aware of Skidmore's special contract. If you call the national help desk, they are not familiar with our bulk account, and they may ask inappropriate questions such as your account information. You have none; the college has a bulk account.
  • You may be asked for the MAC address of your cable modem. This value is similar to a serial number that uniquely identifies your modem.
  • If a service call/visit is the result, the technician will ask for your residence hall and room number.
  • We understand you may get better service if you call the Road Runner help desk before 10 PM.

All support of RR network issues are handled through this number.

  • Cable modem and Ethernet connectivity issues in residence halls including missing or malfunctioning cable modems
  • Road Runner wireless, aka ResHall Wi-Fi, in residence halls

On-Campus, Non-Dorm Networking Issues

Enter a help ticket, call the help desk at 5900, or come to the help desk in Scribner Library.