IT Supported Mailing Lists

Types of Mailing Lists


This term describes bare bones mailing lists whose main virtue is easy maintenance via a web page. The negative side is that you cannot apply security. If a spammer finds the address of a list, for example from a contaminated computer, they can SPAM everyone on the list.


This type of list can have security settings applied. For example, only the owner of the list may be permitted to send to it or everyone on the list may. This security can prevent a spammer from using the list. Maintenance is through a special interface named MajorCool.

General Information on Both Types

More information on campus-wide lists

Information on Mass Emails to Students

See the SGA FAQs on student announcements

Edit a Mailing List

Classic lists are edited from a choice on this page: 

You can test for bad addresses in a list you own on that same forms page.

Directions for classic lists are in this tip sheet.

Majordomo lists are edited via MajorCool:

Obtain a Mailing List

Whether you desire a majordomo or classic list, please make the request through a help ticket with the following information:

  • Username of the manager of the list
  • Possible name for the list (server administrator may revise it)
  • Reason for the list in 5 to 8 words
  • If requesting a majordomo list, what restrictions do you want to place on senders?

Transfer a Mailing List to a New Owner

The current owner of a list should visit the help desk in Scribner Library during weekday office hours or enter a help ticket stating

  • The name of the list(s) to be transferred
  • The username of the new manager

Missing List Messages

I am expecting messages from a campus list. Where are they?

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