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SPAM and Junk Mail Support

New SPAM Method in Office 365

Our mail server no longer uses Barracuda SPAM firewall other than some list email.

Our questionable messages that may or may not be SPAM are now put in your Junk E-Mail folder by the mail server. You can see this folder in all versions of Outlook including the Outlook Web App. Look there for "missing" and questionable messages.

Messages that are clearly SPAM or that carry infections, are blocked outright at the mail server. That list of blocked email is not available to us.

Log Into Your Old SPAM Quarantine

The old Barracuda SPAM Firewall is no longer available. It has been replace by  filtering at the Microsoft server.

How to Analyze Email Attacks

Recognizing an email attack
Recognizing phishing email (old document but still contains accurate examples)