Copyright Information

Fair Use Regulations:

Portions of performances may be copied for use in class if they meet the following guidelines:

  • They are used in a regular part of the instructional activities of the institution
  • They are directly related to the course material.
  • The performance is shown only to that specific course (there can be NO public showing).
  • The copied portions are less than 10% of the original work and do not reflect the main point of that work.
  • The copy is erased or destroyed after that class, unless the proper copyright clearance is obtained to allow for further showings.

Off Air Taping:

Off air broadcasts may be videotaped and legally shown once to a single class within the first ten days after the date of the broadcast. This does not allow for multiple showings or general showings within the college. After that time they may not be shown unless copyright clearance is obtained. The professor may retain the tape for an additional 35 days for personal evaluation purposes only. After that time the tape MUST be erased or copyright clearance obtained.

  • Note: This only applies to broadcasts from local stations using the public airwaves. It does not allow the taping of cable television or satellite channels without the approval by the copyright holder.

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