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Media Price List

Type of Production
Unit Cost
Color Poster (HP Designjet 5500) stock up to 54" wide
Color Prints (Epson 7600) stock up to 24" wide
Xerox Phaser 7750 Color Prints
Black & White Laser Transparency (HP Laserjet)
$ 1.25
Color Transparency (Xerox Laser Printer)
$ 2.00
Blank Video Cassette Tapes (VHS Format)
$ 5.00
Blank Digital-8/Hi-8 Tapes
$ 7.50
Blank Mini-DV Tapes
Blank Audio Cassette Tape (C-60)
$ 1.55
Blank Audio Cassette Tape (C-90)
$ 2.15
DVD-R Blank Disc
$ 4.00
CD-ROM Blank Disk (CD-R Format)
$ 1.50
Video Format Change (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) **
$ 5.00
Film to Video Transfer **
$ 10.00/hr.
• Service Charge for initial cut of any tape/record to CD
$ 10.00/hr. ($ 5.00 minimum)
• Service Charge for DV tape or VHS to DVD-R
$ 10.00/hr. ($ 5.00 minimum)
• Service Charge for Duplication of CD/DVD
$ 1.00 each
• Service Charge for Duplication of VHS tape
$ 1.00 each
• Service Charge to edit video/ audio
$ 10.00/hr.

** written copyright permission required

Department Charges include no tax. A Media Work Order Form must be filled out with the proper account code to be charged.

Payment for personal production for Students, Faculty, Administrators, Staff, and Outside Affiliated Groups can be by Skidmore Debit Card, cash, or check. No tax will be charged to Non-Profit Organizations.