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We offer a wide range of production services to support curricular, research, and faculty/student projects. If you don't see your needs on this list, please ask us.

AV Production Services Include:

Photographic Services:

Our general services include digital photography, and scanning of flat copy work and slides. We no longer supply or process color slide film or B&W film. We will still photograph items, but you must supply the film and are responsible for its processing.  Click here for more information on ordering.

Digital still cameras are available for sign out from the front desk at Media Services.

B&W Photography:
Scanning B&W Negatives and Slides into Computer Files
B&W Laser Prints from Computer Files up to Tabloid (11x17") size.

Color Photography:
Slides shot from Computer Files **
Scanning Color Negatives and Slides into Computer Files
Color Laser Printing on up to Tabloid (11x17") size
Color Poster Prints up to 54" wide
Color Transparencies from Computer Files
Digital photography

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Video Production Services

Live Taping of Events
Digital Video Editing on Computer
Duplication of Videotapes**

DVD burning
Conversion of Videotapes to or from Foreign Formats (PAL, SECAM, & NTSC)
Conversion of video clips to computer files such as quicktime or AVI movies.
Camcorders are available for signout for educational projects.

** We will not duplicate any copyrighted tape without written permission from the copyright holder. We may be able to copy a small portion of a tape if your use qualifies under the Fair Use Guidelines of the Copyright Laws. Click Here for Copyright Information.

Camcorders are also available for signout. Students must be using the camcorders for educational purposes. Due to demand, camcorders are usually only signed out for a day at a time. If you have special needs, contact our front desk and we will try to accommodate your needs. Again, it is advisable to make reservations for the camcorder a few days in advance.

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Audio Production Services

We have a limited number of portable audiocassette recorders to sign out on a "first come, first serve" basis. Check with our front desk for availability.

Audiotaping of events
Simple audio editing
Audiocassette duplication**
Audiotracks to Computer Files**
Computer audio files to Audio CD
Conversion of "Reel to Reel" Tape, Records, and CD to audiocassette**

We have a digital audio suite available for higher end sound work. This has a key available for sign out.

** We will not duplicate any copyrighted tape or convert any copyrighted item without written permission from the copyright holder. We may be able to copy a small portion of an audio track if your use qualifies under the Fair Use Guidelines of the Copyright Laws.
Click Here for Copyright Information.

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Graphic Arts and Computer Graphics Services

Computer Graphics Services:
Creation of Original Graphics
Charts, Graphs, and Tables
Original Artwork
Creation of On-Screen Presentations
Creation of Color Slides from Graphics Files
Creation of Black & White and Color Prints from Graphics Files
Creation of Black & White and Color Transparencies from Graphics Files
Photo Retouching of Images
Scanning of Originals into Computer File
Flat Copy
3-D Objects
Video Segments
For your convenience we have a number of scanners, digital cameras, CD-R burners,DVD-R burners, and printers in our office on the second floor of Palamountain Hall. We encourage you to do your own scanning whenever possible, and will assist you in learning how.

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Ordering Production Services

A MEDIA PRODUCTION ORDER FORM must be completed when ordering production services. Requests for production can also be made over the network using Media Order Forms when the original material, such as computer files, can be delivered over the network.

Due to the increasing costs of many materials, we must charge for some services. See our Price List for more information. For Departmental work, please include a cost center to charge when you complete the Media Production Form.


Digital Photography/Simple Graphics Production:

The Media Group requires at least one week's notice (5 - 7 working days) to guarantee completion of any simple photography (i.e., copy work of less than 30 images or items, graphics orders of 15 or less items, etc.). Larger or special orders will require more time, so please call us for an estimate.

Location photography is available, but we must have at least 48 hours notice before the shooting time in order to schedule staff and equipment. The finished product will still require the above times in addition to the location scheduling time.


Computer Graphics and Printing:

Scanning, slides shot from computer files, prints or transparencies, simple CD-Rom burning require 5-7 working days. For more complicated orders, please call us for an estimate. Color and B&W printing is on a first-come first-serve basis. The average poster print of 48x36-inches requires an hour to print.  During heavy production times (end of semesters, class projects, etc.)  the queue for printing may be quite long.  Please allow sufficient lead time to ensure your print is completed on time.



The Media Group will videotape educational programs on campus as staffing permits. We require at least a 72 hour notice from the department or group in order to schedule staff and equipment. If the staff is not available for videotaping a function, the equipment can be signed out for use by the group. See Equipment Sign Out for this information.

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High Tech classrooms:

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Production Needs?

Visit our Media Production Lab for scanning, CD-R burning, DVD-R burning, audio editing, video editing, poster printing, and graphics production.

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