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Conference Calling General

Skidmore College Conference Calling Options

Option 1 –DigitalTelephoneConference Option

Instructions for initiating a conference callfrom any digital telephone on campus (max of five (5) additional callers to their private line to establish a conference call.:

  1. Initiate or receive a call.
  2. Once the parties are both on line - press the Conference key on your telephone set
    (you will hear threebeeps followed by the dial tone).
  3. This action places the first party is on hold.
  4. Dial the number of party to be added (either on-campus or off-campus).
        If the line is busy or not answered, press the line key on the phone once (same line you just put on hold) to get back to the call.
  5. When the call is answered, privately announce to this new attendee that they are being placed in the conference call.
  6. Press the Conference key again (joins all parties in call).
       (Repeat the above steps to add up to five parties).

Option 2 - Reservation Style Conference Option

The Skidmore Conference Bridge has the capability of providing up to a total of sixteen (16) callers on one conference call. This option requires that our users submit a Skidmore Helpdesk ticket to allow for programming.

  1. Submit a helpdesk ticket at:
  2. Please include all relevant information when submitting this request:
    1. Name of person placing call
    2. Date and Time (of requested conference call)
    3. Duration of call
    4. Number of expected callers
    5. Department
    6. Please indicate if any participants will be calling in on the toll-free number!
  • Please allow 24 hours advance notice (Mon – Fri) to insure that this request may be completed in a timely manner.
  • The person submitting the request will receive an email reply; once the conference call is scheduled, containing the instructions and telephone numbers for callers.

For assistance or more information please contact the Information Technology Telecommunications office at ext 5988.