Skidmore Network

The network is configured as follows:

  • Each building is connected via Gigabit fiber to the Cisco 6509 that is the core of the network
  • Each building is its own virtual LAN (VLAN)
  • There is a Cisco 6509 in the server room that is used to connect all the servers to the network
  • The connection between the two 6509s is a 10 Gigabit fiber
  • The connections to each desktop are 100 megabit
  • Network map.
    •  username and password (both the same) are webview


What is Computer Registration?  

Computer registration provides Skidmore with two invaluable tools:  

  1. The hardware address of the computer and the associated user name are collected in a database.   This data provides the College with a search tool should a computer contract a virus or other malware that could potentially spread to other computers on the Skidmore network.   
  2. Secure the Skidmore network and ensure that only users affiliated with Skidmore gain access to our network and resources.

Why register computers now?

Simply put – Skidmore may be liable for all actions that occur on our network, and as such we need to make sure we are only allowing authorized users to gain access.   

What happens if I don’t register my computer?

Simply put – it will not be able to get access to the network. That means programs such as e-mail, access to Skidmore servers (datastor, etc), printing etc… will not be available.

How do I know if my computer is registered?

If IT has turned on registration for your building, log in and open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. If your home page comes up, your computer is registered. If a registration page comes up asking for your user ID and password, then your computer is not registered. Your computer does not need to be registered until IT turns on registration in your building.

How do I register my computer?

After logging into your computer, please open a web browser. If your home page comes up, your computer is registered and you have nothing else to do. If, however, a registration page comes up, please enter your user id and password and press enter. When the registration is successful, a web page will appear telling you of the success and asking you to reboot your computer.

What do I do if even after registering I keep getting the registration page?

Call the Skidmore Help Desk at 5900 and let them know.

What about my personal laptop?

If you are planning on connecting your personal computer to the Skidmore wired  network you will also need to register. Use the same procedures as described above under How do I register my computer?

What if I only use my computer via wireless?

As our  wireless network already requires a user to authenticate, it is not currently subject to this type registration.

What about my PDA or iPhone ?

As PDA’s and iPhones do not plug into our wired network, they are not currently being registered.

What happens if I connect via VPN?

Registration does not affect computers connected via VPN



Wireless at Skidmore College

The wireless network uses equipment from Aruba Networks

    • Wireless coverage map 
    • The buildings highlighted in red have extensive coverage
    • The grounds highlighted in red have connectivity.
    • The wireless system is constantly being updated and expanded. The future plans include all buildings and most of the grounds.


 Frequently Asked Questions on Wireless Coverage:


  • How do I use wireless?
    • Connect to the Skidmore wireless network your computer finds
    • After connecting you must activate a browser which will redirect to a login page.
    • Login using your Skidmore user ID and passwor

  • What wireless standards does Skidmore support?
    • At present we support both 802.11b and 11g
    • We are currently testing the new 802.11n to see how compatible it is with our system and will roll this out in limited areas starting this fall to do further testing

  • What kind of network connections are in the dorms?
    • A couple years ago we outsourced the dorm network to Time Warner Cable. Therefore dorm connections use roadrunner cable modems. Time Warner Cable has supplied an OC-3 to the dorms (622 Megabit connection)
    • Time Warner does not supply network cables. If you forget to bring your own (25 foot is recommended), they are sold in the book store on campus.
    • Wireless is available in the dorms – but only in the Northwoods apartments. This is a test of providing this service and may be discontinued or expanded.

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