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Clicking the Wrong Answer Can Be a Good Thing

/Users/ajaeck/Desktop/iclicker-whiteClickers continue to establish themselves as a classroom technology at Skidmore as faculty continue to explore this solution as a means to elicit feedback from students. The iclicker is a student response system (SRS) that can encourage active student participation.

Clickers have many potential applications and are used in diverse settings, from large lecture presentations to small group discussions. Most faculty coming to Academic Technologies borrow clickers for one or two class sessions to accompany either a PowerPoint lecture or a review session. These devices can provide immediate and anonymous feedback about how well students understand content. While integrating clickers with an existing presentation can be as simple as crafting a few PowerPoint slides with multiple choice questions, faculty can also build this tool into their curriculum. Here, clickers can be used to monitor and record student attendance, participation, and also quiz results. Most of the faculty I have worked with really like the "display results feature," which represents student responses in a large color coded bar graph. Visualizing data in this way can certainly stimulate in-class debate, especially if there is little to no consensus over what the right answer is or should be.

For more information about clickers, please contact Ben Harwood in Academic Technologies at

- Ben Harwood, Senior Instructional Technologist, Academic Technologies