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What's New In Media Classrooms?

Media Services has upgraded three rooms, Bolton 101, Bolton 102, and Palamountain Hall 304 to technology-enhanced classrooms.  This completes the multi-year conversion of all major classrooms on campus to technology friendly rooms.  The standard configuration is a console or tall cabinet containing a Dell and Mac computer, DVD/VHS player, input for external laptop and video source, sound reinforcement, and a control panel, which enables one to switch between the sources.  There is a ceiling mounted projector attached to these consoles.

The college is also constructing three new classrooms in Dana where the Employee Credit Union and Purchasing were previously located.  These will all be technology-enhanced spaces identical to those described above. In addition, the large classroom will have a SmartBoard, which allows notation on the projected computer images.

Media Services is happy to show you how to operate the equipment in any of the rooms.  Please call us at extension 5940 to schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you.

- Hunt Conard, Director, Media Services