Yearly Password Changes Mandated

In our Spring '08 newsletter we gave you a gentle reminder that the password to your user account is not something to treasure forever.  Now the gloves are off, and with the start of the academic year in September, IT plans to expire passwords that are older than one year.

Beginning in September, we plan to target a different group of current staff and students each month with a series of email reminders to change their passwords.

You don’t have to wait for the series of reminder emails to change your password; you can do it at any time by visiting the Password Change Instructions web page. Your new password will be valid for a year and will be synchronized across email, web page logins, computer logins to the network and the student, faculty and employee Oracle applications. Changing your password will also remove your name from the series of reminder emails.

If you are in the targeted group and fail to change you password by the end of the month, your password will be reset by the system.  Email will still be received in your email account, but your access to email and other systems will be denied. To reset your password after the expiration date, you can go to the same web page (‘Change My Password’) and use your old password to set a new one.

Before changing your password, you may want to give a little thought to creating a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone to guess. Your password must follow the rule of length (6-8 characters), it must contain at least one number, one upper and one lower case letter, and one special character, and should not match successive characters of your name.  You can read the password rules and test your password for validity from the same web page for password changes.

- Betty O'Connor, Associate Director, Enterprise Systems

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