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Highlight All Non-Skidmore Email in Mail

Say you want to immediately see all email that’s not from someone at Skidmore. Mail makes that easy to do.

1. While in OS X Mail, go to the Mail menu and select Preferences.

2. Click on the Rules button at the top of the window.

3. In the “Description” field, enter the name for the rule. It’s important to pick a name that will remind you what the rule does. In this case, I called mine “Non-Skidmore Email.”

4. Click on the “Contains” drop-down menu, and select “Does not contain”. Type “” in the entry field after that. This tells Mail to look for any email that doesn’t come from Skidmore.

5. Under the “Perform the following actions:” section, select “Set Color” from the first drop-down menu. Then select “of background”. The third drop-menu sets what color Mail will use to highlight non-Skidmore email. You can choose one of the preset colors or choose any color you want by selecting Other. This will bring up Apple’s color palette, which has a huge selection of colors available.

6. Your Rule should look like this:

7. Press OK, and Mail will save the rule. Now all your incoming email will be highlighted with the color you chose. Note: If you end up making an unfortunate color choice you can go back and change the color until you find a good one.


- John Sanders, User Services Consultant, User Services