Office 2007/2008

If the IT world is known for anything, it’s constant change. Over the last few years, we have attempted to keep this constant change in check whenever it made sense, specifically in regards to the Microsoft Office suite of products. Office 2007 was released in early 2007, but we didn’t see any compelling reason to switch from Office 2003 and we have been delaying the upgrade. We have now reached a tipping point, and it now makes sense for us to move to the latest version of Office on both the Windows (Office 2007) and Macintosh (Office 2008) computers.
The new versions of Office have already been installed on the new public lab images (classrooms, podiums, and library) for the Fall 2009 semester. During the summer months we also began the process of upgrading some departments. For ease in compatibility in regards to sharing documents, we hope to have the entire campus switched over to the new version of Office by the end of the fall semester.
For Macintosh users, the upgrade from their current version to Office 2008 should not be very dramatic. For Windows users, the change from Office 2003 to Office 2007 will be more noticeable. Microsoft overhauled quite a bit of the Office suite, particularly Word and Excel. (You may have already heard about the infamous “ribbon” that changes depending on the task you’re trying to accomplish.) The IT department will be providing training to help ease the transition to your new version of Office. Please check the IT training website for up-to-date information on classes that are being offered:

- Tom Marcotte, Director, User Services

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