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Skidmore Telephone and Voicemail FAQ

Is it okay to unplug my telephone cable from the wall outlet?
No. The digital connection between the physical telephone and the main telephone system (PBX) has a polling feature that checks periodically to make sure there is a good connection. If a phone is unplugged for over one hour, the digital port will automatically be taken out of service by the system and the phone will no longer operate until it is reset by IT. This feature is enabled to protect the PBX from having problems introduced from the telephone end and causing additional system errors.

Why can’t I move my phone myself?
The digital telephones that we all use at Skidmore are “smart” phones and as such have a dedicated hardware address that binds them to the telephone jack. If a telephone is unplugged to be moved two things happen: (1) The phone will not work in the new outlet, and (2) the phone system will automatically disable the port.

Why are authorization codes (pin numbers) required to make long distance calls?
Authorization codes allow the college to calculate the cost of all long distance calls and apply these costs to the appropriate person and department. Authorization codes are necessary for all long distance calls and faxes, except for the following toll free numbers: 911 emergency calls, 800, 866, 877, and 888 calls. 

Are there any shortcuts I can use with the voicemail (VM) system?
Absolutely! (The following shortcuts ONLY apply to the Skidmore VM system.)

  • When you reach a person’s voicemail greeting you can skip listening to the entire greeting by pressing 1-1. When you hear the beep, start leaving your voice message.
  • When listening to a message in your own mailbox you can skip to the next message by pressing 3.
  • When you have finished listening to a VM message in your own VM box you can replay the message by pressing 4.
  • If you find yourself listening to prompts you don’t understand press * to return to the main menu.
  • Dial 8400 to “drop into” a VM box to leave a message.

**For a complete list of voicemail commands and shortcuts please visit

How can I make a multi-party conference call from my desk phone at Skidmore?

Any user with a digital phone can conference up to three additional parties using the conference feature on their desk phone. If a user desires to conduct a conference call with additional participants (max 16) please submit a Skidmore Help Desk ticket, and we will contact you.  

**For additional information on telecommunications services please visit

**If you have specific questions or requests for assistance please submit a help desk ticket at

- Tim Casey, Director, Network & Technical Services