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IT newsletter fall 2010

GoPrint - Print Accounting

8 million pieces of paper! That’ s roughly how many pages were printed from the 250 networked printers on campus during the 2009-10 school year. 4 million of those came from the 4 public printers in the Library. And, that’s not counting who knows how many pieces of paper printed on the many inefficient inkjet/deskjet printers on campus.
In a move towards a more sustainable Skidmore, and with the support of both SGA and EAC, the IT department will be begin testing on a new print management system this fall in Scribner Library. It’s called GoPrint and we anticipate a 40% reduction in the amount of wasted printing on campus. The concept is easy – when printing to one of the 4 main printers in the Library (Library3 printer), the print job will be held in a special “queue” or holding place. To print your work, you’ll be asked to swipe your ID card at a “Release station” located near the printers. After your ID card is validated, you will quickly and easily be able to choose the print job you want, and print it out while you are standing right in front of the printer. No longer will you have to print your work 3-4 times because you’re not sure if it’s going to print out. And, if you do make a mistake and print your work multiple times, you can print just the one you need and delete the rest. Upon successful phase two testing on the Library3 printer, we will expand it to all 4 public printers in the Library, and will eventually install it on all “public” (IT maintained) printers, such as HH101, HH103, HH108, Dana 181, and PMH 302.
We hope that you will support our efforts to save paper, toner, and money here at Skidmore as we continue to strive towards a more economical and sustainable IT environment.

Tom Marcotte
Director, User Services