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IT newsletter fall 2010
Microsoft Windows 7

The only thing constant in the world of IT is change! After nearly 8 years use on Windows computers, we begin to say farewell to the Windows XP operating system. Some new computers deployed this year were installed with Windows 7 on them. Although Windows 7 has been out for over a year now, we wanted to make sure it was stable before we started installing it on Skidmore-owned computers. We will gradually make the transition on all college-owned computers over the next couple of years. As far as the public labs and classroom podiums are concerned, we will continue to use Windows XP for the 2010-2011 academic year. There are a couple of minor software compatibility issues that need to be fixed before we will be comfortable putting Windows 7 on our public machines. Our tentative plan is to have Windows 7 on all public labs and classroom podiums beginning with the Fall 2011 semester.

Tom Marcotte
Director, User Services