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IT newsletter fall 2010

Residence Hall Wireless

We are pleased to announce that effective fall semester 2010 we will have completed the latest expansion to our wireless network, which now includes coverage to all residence halls and apartments!

This extensive project has been accomplished in partnership with Time Warner, and will significantly improve the wireless coverage for our on-campus residents.  Approximately 90 antennas and radios were installed to complete this project. Time Warner will be the maintainer of this service and as with the wired network in the individual rooms, all service requests should be placed to the Time Warner Service Center at (518) 640-8621.

A couple of quick reminders!
1. This new wireless network is designed as an “overlay” to the wired cable modems and not as a replacement. Therefore use the wired cable modem in your room when possible. The wired cable modem will give you the best and most reliable network service
2. This pilot project, with completion set for this fall, will be our first experience with the full population of residence hall students using a wireless network, so there “may” be some hiccups along the way. 

Tim Casey
Director, Network and Technical Services