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Classroom Upgrades

Media Services has begun the process of upgrading all the classrooms on campus over the next 4-5 years.  As the switch from analog to digital signals progresses, we must add digital wiring and equipment to the analog systems we already maintain.  Unfortunately, analog equipment will not disappear immediately, so we must continue to support it over the next 5-10 years.

The combination of analog and digital equipment complicates the switching and projection needs.  With that in mind, we are changing our old 4-button switcher to a more versatile switcher with many more programmable button options.  We are striving to keep the switching as intuitive as possible with this system, but you should expect some differences in its operation

Among the changes you will find in the upgraded rooms will be a new white controller with multiple clearly labeled buttons.  In addition, we have added a DVI connection to the already existing VGA connection to accommodate newer laptops.  The VGA output chips will be disappearing after 2014, but we will still need those connections for a few years after that for people with older laptops.  There will also be four easily accessible USB ports for the computers in the console (two for the Mac and two for the Dell).  We are adding electric screens to many of theses rooms that can also be controlled from the console.  All projectors will now be wide screen 16:9 (HD) format. 

The major difference you will notice from the old rooms is that the controller may have a delay of about 8 seconds to switch between inputs (Mac, PC, DVD, etc.) as opposed to the 1-2 seconds seen before.  This is due to the need to add a new scaler/switcher to accomplish the larger variety of switching necessary for both the analog and digital signals.  The scaler/switcher must first communicate with the console equipment to establish how it will scale the incoming signal. Then, it must establish a connection with the projector to finish the signal delivery for projection.  Please be patient as this communications occurs, and do not to press any additional buttons before 10 seconds have passed.

This year’s upgraded rooms include:

Harder 201, 202, and 203
Bolton 100, 101, 102, 103, and 382
Palamountain 300, 301, 303, and 304
Tisch Learning Center 203 and 207
Ladd 206, 207, and 307
Tang Whitman Room

Hunt Conard - Director, Media Services