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Your Skidmore Card Is Your "Master Key"

Did you know that your Skidmore Card is much more than an ID card? Your Skidmore Card also functions as a debit card and a door access key, all in one easy to use and secure package. 

The Skidmore Card was initially developed as an ID card and an access card to individual rooms/suites in many of the Skidmore residence halls, but each year Skidmore continues to expand the scope of the “one-card” project. Many new services have been developed and the Skidmore Card can now be used at various locations throughout campus, including the Skidmore Shop, vending machines, campus post office, dining halls, and cafes. Students also have the ability to use their card at laundry machines on campus. (For a complete list of campus locations, visit In addition, users are able to shop at many retailers and restaurants throughout the Saratoga area and pay for their purchases with their Skidmore Card. (For a complete list of off-campus locations, visit

Over the upcoming years we will continue to look at other strategic ways to increase the functionality of the Skidmore Card.

- Tim Casey, Director, Network & Technical Services