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The IT Help Desk

Your First Stop for Computer and Telephone Support

The Skidmore College IT Department maintains a computer help desk on the first floor of Scribner library to help you resolve many different issues.

Two professionals are on-hand during normal business hours to handle your issues by phone, help ticket, email, and walk-in. Student assistants are also on hand during library hours for walk-up support.

One of the benefits of working through the help desk is that we know who among our peers is available and we know each technician’s strengths. We essentially work as expeditors in getting your issue in front of the right person for an efficient resolution.

Contacting the Help Desk
• Help Line: (518) 580-5900
• Email:
• Help Ticket Login:
• Walk-up: Come into Scribner Library and bear right past the reference desk. You will see a large white sign that hangs from the ceiling and says “Computer Help Desk.” We are near the glass enclosed spiral stairs.
• Hours: The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays except lunch from noon to 1:00. The walk-up, student staffed desk is open most hours that the library is open.
• IT Web Site (a great resource for our tip sheets):

Computer and Printer Hardware Issues
(examples, not all inclusive)
• Referrals to local vendors as well as support numbers for major manufacturers – we are not able to provide hardware repair for personally owned computers
• Assignment of help tickets to a number of IT professionals who can provide hardware repair and other support of college owned computers and printers. Although we cannot fix personal computers, we will do whatever it takes to fix college-owned hardware from replacing parts to replacing the machine. These repairs result from help tickets that are assigned by the help desk.

Computer and Printer Software Issues
• We can talk you through a connection to a network printer for a Mac or PC
• You can use our on-line tip sheets to make your own network printer connections
• Advice on double-sided printing and other formatting issues
• PC remote help software is available for quick resolutions to some issues
• Assignment of help tickets to have a computer personalized for a new employee

Telephone Issues
• We route help tickets to the correct person for phone setup, voice mail changes, conference calls, caller ID, etc.
• Routing of help tickets for phone installation and repair in offices

Media Services
• Although Media Services, a division of IT, is directly responsible for multimedia spaces, the help desk can assist you in reaching the proper person. We can help sort out whether a media specialist or a computer technician is needed and then we help contact them.

Academic Technologies
• This division of IT is pretty much self sufficient, but we can still help you get issues into tickets and we can help you reach the right person for certain tasks.

Notebook Computer Loans
• The help desk keeps a small inventory of lightweight, ultra-portable Lenovo ThinkPads for two week loans to employees.
• One MacBook Pro is also available for a two week loan to employees.
• The loaners contain standard college software such as Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver.
• We do not have loaners for students.

- Brien Muller, Help Desk Manager, User Services