Oracle Student System Update

As reported in the last IT Newsletter, Oracle Corporation will no longer provide enhancements and has announced “end-of-life” for the Oracle Student System (OSS) that we currently use. We engaged vendors (Oracle and competing products) and received presentations on their suites of products.  Given what we saw, the complexity of implementation, and the current financial situation, the decision was made to only replace the student system portion of the Oracle Suite of products that we use.

As a result of this decision, our systems will be operating in a “hybrid” mode for a period of time. We will continue to use the Oracle products for Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Benefits and Payroll. The new student system will then be tied to existing systems using both vendor and Skidmore developed conduits for moving information.

This decision considerably narrows the focus in examining replacement systems and allows for a much deeper analysis than would be possible if we were replacing the entire suite of software used to conduct college business. It will also shorten the time and reduce the cost associated with the implementation of a new product.

In the next few months, the vendors will present in-depth presentations on only their student systems solutions. Based on these sessions, industry analysis, and peer and aspirant college visits, the college will make a decision and move forward with a new student system.  

- Jeff Clark, Director, Enterprise Systems

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