Annual Computer Deployment Update

As many of you know, we postponed most of the 2009 computer deployment. This pushes everybody’s computer replacement out from 4 years to 5 years. While we are sensitive to the college’s continuing fiscal challenges, we feel that it would not be in the college’s best interest to defer computer replacement for another year. We will finish the partial deployment that we did last summer by deploying some new computers this year to the group known as Cohort A (Art; Art History; Biology; Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work; Campus Safety, Counseling Center; Greenberg Child Care; Health Services; Office Services; Post Office; and the Registrar’s Office). However, we do so with a few changes in our normal deployment procedures.

First, we have adopted a new “one person, one computer” model. We will be replacing each identified person’s desktop computer with a new computer. If anyone needs any additional computer(s), a request for approval will have to be submitted to the person’s Department Chair or Department Head.

Second, we will be purchasing a less expensive Dell desktop computer than we have been fortunate enough to purchase in the past. It will still be a robust computer and fully capable of handling your work.

Third, we will not be replacing any monitors in the deployment. We will replace the desktop computer, keyboard, and mouse, but not the monitor. This does not apply to Macs, as the computers we purchase from Apple are all-in-ones. We have no option for smaller monitors or no monitors.

We will be posting the list of all Cohorts on the IT website in the near future, so you’ll be able to see when your department is scheduled for new computers in the coming years. Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate through these difficult times. We are confident the changes we are making today will bring us to a more sustainable position for the future.

Tom Marcotte
IT User Services

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