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IT Newsletter Spring 2010
Computer Registration  (Network Access Control)

In the Fall 2008 IT newsletter we had an article entitled “Connecting Devices to a Computer Network – Why It’s Not Simple Anymore”. That article discussed network security and CALEA, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. Implementation of this project began in October and was completed just before Thanksgiving.
Computer registration provides Skidmore with two invaluable tools:
1. The hardware address of the computer and the associated user name are collected in a database.   This data provides the College with a search tool should a computer contract a virus or other malware that could potentially spread to other computers on the Skidmore network.   
2. Secure the Skidmore network and ensure that only users affiliated with Skidmore gain access to our network and resources

What does this mean for you or your sponsored guest?
* All computer access will require that users have Skidmore account credentials in order to login.
*  In the past, a sponsored guest needed to have a guest user ID and password to access the Skidmore wireless network or a college owned computer. If a guest brought their own computer, they could plug in to a live network jack and get access to the Internet. As a result of the computer registration project we have eliminated this capability.  

What do we have to do when we bring a guest to campus?
* We urge you to prepare for your guest ahead of time to reduce the likelihood of problems on the day they arrive.
* All guests must now have a user ID and password regardless of the method of connecting to our network. The directions for obtaining guest access can be found at

Where is computer registration not active?
* Guests can freely access the Internet from:
o Residence Halls
o ResLife
o Falstaff’s
o Surrey Inn
o The press box by the sports field

Mark Bauer
Assistant Director/Network Administrator
IT Network and Technical Services