OSS - New Direction

Shortly before Christmas Skidmore College signed a contract with Sungard Higher Education to license and implement the Banner Student System as a replacement for our current Oracle Student System which is facing end of support in 2013.  Our plan is to transition to the new software so that the Banner system will be the system of record as of fall 2012.

As you might expect, the implementation will touch the Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Finance, Registrar, Special Programs and Student Services offices, and will follow the Admissions cycle. This means that Admission applications for fall 2012 will be recorded in Banner starting a year earlier in fall 2011.  We expect the implementation project to begin this spring and to continue for a period of 24-36 months.

Because the decision was made to only replace the student system portion of the Oracle Suite of products that we use, our systems will operate in a “hybrid” mode for a period of time. We will continue to use the Oracle products for Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Benefits and Payroll. The Banner system will be tied to these existing systems using both vendor and Skidmore developed conduits for moving information.

We are looking forward to the challenges of replicating the functionality that we have gained over the past 5 years with the Oracle student system, and we hope to add features with the Banner Unified Digital Campus to present student information in a format that enhances and supports the work of students, staff and faculty.

Betty O’Connor
Associate Director
IT Enterprise Systems

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