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IT Newsletter Spring 2010
Videoconferencing Solutions

Skidmore College IT is pleased to offer an array of videoconferencing solutions for both desktop and classroom scenarios.

For basic one to one communications using a webcam and microphone, programs such as Skype and iChat can work adequately.  During peak Internet usage periods, however, these programs can tend skip or freeze.

For higher quality desktop conferencing, we are pleased to announce the implementation of the Tandberg MOVI software, which will become operational early in the spring semester. MOVI offers a more stable video and audio connection. If you decide that MOVI is the best solution for your conference, you will need to download client software from the Tandberg website. Skidmore College IT will register all users on its MOVI server for the date of the event.  Users will receive emails with their account information including username, password, and connection instructions. It is worth noting that a remote desktop user can use MOVI to connect with our existing Tandberg videoconferencing units.  MOVI could be the ideal solution for outside speakers who do not have access to videoconferencing hardware or technical support.

For classroom projection and larger venues, we recommend using one of our existing Tandberg videoconferencing options.  The portable Tandberg C-20 unit can be used in any classroom or auditorium with a projector.  The more stationery Tandberg MXP-6000 contains a large flat screen display and resides on the first floor of Harder Hall in the IT conference room.  This unit also has the capability of connecting with up to 5 different sites at one time. The optimal connection for all this equipment occurs when the remote site also has compatible videoconferencing equipment.

Since videoconferencing is still not “plug and play,” please be aware that at least a week’s notice is necessary in order to determine compatibility and to establish connectivity with remote sites. Please visit the videoconferencing webpage on the IT website for more information (

If you wish to participate in a videoconference, please contact either Ben Harwood in IT Academic Technologies or Hunt Conard in IT Media Services.  We will be happy to help you determine the best approach.

Hunt Conard
IT Media Services