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Open a Shared Calendar in Outlook Web App

Target Audience: Those migrated to Live @ Edu who also use Outlook Web App

If you are one of the many students or among the few employees migrated so far to the new mail server, you might enjoy this tip about opening a shared calendar.

A club president, the chair of a committee, or a manager and assistant, can share their primary calendars with other users. During the sharing process, permissions can be set so that all may see the calendar or only select users, e.g. committee members or an administrative assistant.

For this example, the help desk has shared its calendar with everyone. It contains a few academic calendar items for practice. Security was set so that all Live @ Edu users may open it.

1. Sign in at (you can do this only if your mail was migrated)

2. Switch from your mail to the calendar


3. Open the Share menu in Calendar and choose Add Calendar …


4. Type the address of the user with the shared calendar. To practice, enter


5. When you click OK, the other calendar appears to the right of your own. If you uncheck it in the left-hand navigation column, it hides. Check it and it appears again. Note: The help desk calendar does not have February entries. March and April have entries.

At this time, it is only possible to share primary calendars. That is, if a club president has a personal primary calendar and a secondary club calendar, the secondary one cannot be shared.

Brien G. Muller - Help Desk Manager