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Calendar Migration

Early this January we completed a significant milestone when we migrated approximately 400 active calendars into our cloud based email system. The college has had an administrative calendar system since before 2000. It started as the “Netscape” calendar. Netscape provided a free calendar much like their free browser. Through the years, the calendar software went through a typical lifecycle. It became: Corporate Time Calendar, and then Steltor Calendar, and finally became the Oracle Calendar. Through all these transitions, the calendar data was migrated and updated to provide both current and historical data about meetings.

When we planned for our migration into the cloud based calendar we had the same goal in mind. Our migration included every active calendar, and all calendar data from 1995 forward. Historical data was converted into “Appointments” (unlinked events that do not connect to other users) in, and current and future data was converted into “Meetings” (linked events with other participants and rooms). All data was successfully migrated on the evening of January 9, 2012 and when users arrived on the start of the work day on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 all data had been migrated.

Since the migration was completed the “Oracle Calendar” has been off, and users have been successfully using the new calendar system. As with any new experience, there have been questions and “growing pains”, but overall it has been a very successful transition.

Jeff Clark - Director, Enterprise Systems