Email MX Record Change

If you think of our email servers as a local post office, and your college email account as your curbside mailbox you can visualize the significant change we made on January 5, 2012. In “snail mail” letter delivery, the Saratoga Springs Post Office is recognized as the handler of postal mail for the 12866 zip code.  Your letters arrive at the Saratoga Springs branch, and are routed carriers and then to your mailbox. If a new Post Office is built, the delivery must stop to the old office, and begin using the new.

For email the designation of which server is a “Post Office” is controlled by what is called an MX or Mail eXchanger record. The college’s MX record pointed at our old on-campus servers. On January 5th, our record was changed to use the new server to handle your mail delivery. While you should not have noticed a change in email delivery, the new routing of mail did result in significant improvements in efficiency and also bypassed many of our older and soon to be retired systems. The most significant system bypassed was the Spam Firewall, and the drastic reduction of the Spam Quarantine notices. Our spam filtering is now handled by and their processing rules.

Jeff Clark - Director, Enterprise Systems


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