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IT Policies & Procedures

Here is a list of policies regarding Skidmore-related Information Technology.  Please direct any questions regarding these policies to Tom Marcotte, Director of IT Communications at 

Acceptable Use Skidmore College owns and operates its electronic data infrastructure, which it must manage for the entire college community, in a manner that preserves a level of privacy and confidentiality while in accordance with relevant local state and federal laws, regulations, and college policy.

Computer Hardware/Software Requests Outlines the procedures for submitting a Computer Capital Request.

Copyright Infringement Notification Contact information for copyright owners wishing to send a statutory notice to Skidmore College.

Copyright Policy Adopted by the Information Resources Council, this document describes the copyright restrictions governing print, audio, computer materials, and distance learning resources.

Custodianship of Electronic Mail Adopted by the Institutional Planning and Policy Committee in 2010, this document explains procedures followed by custodians of e-mail.

INCOMMON Federation: Participant Operational Practices
Participation in the InCommon Federation (“Federation”) enables a federation participating organization ("Participant") to use Shibboleth identity attribute sharing technologies to manage access to on-line resources that can be made available to the InCommon community.

Password Rules Rules for creating your Skidmore password.

Policies for Potential Vendors Information for suppliers of technology products and services.

Rules Concerning Personal Servers This draft document reminds users of appropriate conduct should they decide to operate a personal file server, web server, ftp server, or other similar system.

Skidmore College Plan to Combat the Unauthorized Distribution of Copyrighted Material This document is developed as part of Skidmore College’s efforts to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and 34 CFR Sec. 668.14(b)(30).

Skidmore College Standards of Business Conduct

Software Piracy Documents This links to a series of documents and recommendations concerning the ethical use of commercial software.

Web Page Creation and FTP Site Violations This details the response procedure for complaints concerning web pages and FTP sites that violate College rules.