Password Rules

For your security, Skidmore requires that your password be between 6 and 8 characters in length. It must contain both upper and lower case alpha characters, at least one numeric character, and at least one special character from this set { } ! # ” $ % ^ & , ( ) _ + - = : ; ? .

The @ sign is an invalid character. The password may not match 3 consecutive characters of your user name, nor may it be an exact reversal of your user name.

Avoid using consecutive characters of your first, middle or last name in your password. Doing so will cause your password to fail for email.

You may not reuse passwords. A different one is required each time.

The following are examples of acceptable and unacceptable passwords.

Password Status
Xyz123! Acceptable
Xyz123!! Acceptable
xyz123! Unacceptable - lacks upper case character
Xyz1234 Unacceptable - lacks special character
Xyz+=+= Unaccetable - lacks numeric character
Xyz2! Unacceptable - too short
Xyz12345$$ Unacceptable - too long
Xyz@1234 Unacceptable - cannot contain @ sign


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