Skidmore College’s Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery and the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) will create, display, and tour Molecules That Matter, a unique exhibition focusing on the scientific and cultural significance of organic molecules in the 20th century.  The purpose of Molecules That Matter is to enhance the public appreciation and understanding of the natural sciences, with a focus on molecular chemistry and its deep-reaching social and cultural impact on our everyday lives.  Displaying molecular models will elucidate the basic building blocks of chemistry. By coupling them with rare and revealing artifacts, documents, and artworks and complementing them with interactive electronic resources, the exhibition will show how advances in chemistry and its applications have profoundly changed the character and texture of modern life.


Molecules That Matter opens Saturday Sep, 08th 2007!


Explore the Molecules


            1900– Aspirin

            1910– Isooctane

            1920– Penicillin G

            1930– Polyethylene

            1940– Nylon 66

            1950– DNA

            1960– Progestin

            1970– DDT

            1980– Prozac

            1990– Buckminsterfullerene (Buckyball) and Nanotubes


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