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Skidmore's First-Year Experience in London
Application Procedures

The following guidelines define procedures for applying for a position as faculty director of the FYE London program.

Faculty Qualifications:

Faculty directors must possess the academic expertise to inform and guide the proposed course of study. Because the faculty directors are able to rely on the IES London staff for much of the administration of the program, it is not critical that they have extensive administrative experience. However, it is important that they have some understanding of the cultural and educational resources of London. In this way, the faculty members may take maximum advantage of the on-site resources.

Faculty who lead a group of students abroad must also possess the personal qualities that are needed for a venture of this sort to be successful: above all, a high level of commitment to organizing and leading the project, demonstrated organizational skills, responsibility and reliability, resourcefulness, and a readiness to provide a high level of personal guidance to students, well beyond the expectations of the traditional classroom environment. The application letter should outline specific experiences that speak to these qualities. (This level of preparedness will be reviewed by the appropriate deans and directors in consultation with academic department chairs.)

NOTE: Of particular importance is an understanding of and willingness to work with the particular challenges inherent in leading a program of first-year students. Our first-year students in London have specific developmental needs that require a high degree of patience and compassion. While IES will manage the bulk of the daily administration of the program, the Skidmore faculty directors need to attend to the students’ academic and personal well-being. The Skidmore faculty directors are crucial to the success of the program and should expect to take a very active role in the lives of our first-year students in London.

Scribner Seminar Criteria:

The Scribner Seminars taught in London must meet the same criteria as those taught on campus. In addition, the discipline(s) or object(s) of study involved in the London Scribner Seminars should lend themselves to the unique opportunities offered by the site. The courses should, as much as possible, make significant use of the educational and cultural resources of London and the surrounding areas.

Submission of Applications:

Applications from faculty for the FYE London should include the following components:

  1. A detailed proposal for the Scribner Seminar to be taught in London: a complete syllabus; list of readings and other resource materials; a detailed itinerary relating sites visited to the subject matters of the Seminar; and specification of the learning tasks and goals for the students and of the means of assessing the learning outcomes.
  2. Details on the resources available in the host country that will serve to enhance the program’s curriculum.
  3. Evidence of the extent of the faculty's past experience with a foreign or related culture.
  4. Evidence of the ability to manage the academic, administrative and student support responsibilities vital to this role. Special attention should be given to any experience supporting the faculty member’s ability to understand and support the particular needs of first-year students.