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Notre DameThe Fall Seminar in Paris is limited to a group of 10 to15 students. The current on-site staff (Resident Director, Associate Director, and Secretary) assist the seminar director in the general administration of the program. Ongoing communication and collaboration among the faculty member, OCSE, and the Skidmore in Paris staff are essential in operating this type of study abroad program. Orientation, cultural activities, and excursions are organized by the Skidmore in Paris staff in cooperation with the seminar director. Additional excursions and activities that enhance the curriculum of the Seminar are organized and/or developed by the Fall Seminar director. Note: The academic schedule for the Skidmore in Paris and the Fall Seminar groups are staggered by one week to allow for more focused attention during orientation.

The seminar director is charged with the academics of the Seminar and with monitoring the progress of his/her group. Because the seminar director is expected to handle administrative as well as teaching responsibilities, this semester counts as a three-load semester (two, four-hour courses and one administrative). The seminar director must discuss this load with his/her chair or director to be sure that the chair or director is aware of the course load implications for the semester the seminar director returns to campus after the program. Chair approval is necessary before the Fall Seminar proposal can be considered. The Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges works with the seminar director to assist in the design and promotion of the Fall Seminar in Paris. However, the main responsibility for recruitment lies with the faculty member.