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Off-Campus Study & Exchanges
Skidmore College
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Starbuck Center, 202
Monday - Friday,
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Monday - Friday,
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Financial Structures

The program budget – developed by OCSE in conjunction with the Paris Resident Director and based on certain variable and fixed costs and the expected revenues from the program – includes the academic costs for the culture and language courses, academic costs for the topics courses, the housing fees, the costs for excursions and activities, and any additional on-site costs. The seminar director must develop a proposal with this established budget in mind.

The final budget also includes the costs associated with the seminar director him/herself, including a living stipend. The amount of the living stipend is currently $17,000. (This amount may be adjusted based on currency fluctuations. An exact amount will be established closer to the time the program will take place.) The stipend is meant to help defray the increased living expenses inherent in living in Paris. It is not, however, meant to cover all living expenses. We assume directors will need to cover some of their own expenses for food, travel, entertainment, and other personal items. Detailed guidelines are available from OCSE.

The financial aspects of the Fall Seminar will be the shared responsibility of the seminar director (tracking and reporting on the program budget) and the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges (campus-based finances, collecting and tracking deposits, billing, establishing payment schedules, etc.). Once on site, the seminar director will work with the Paris staff to track and report all program expenses. OCSE works with the seminar director and Financial Services to train the seminar director in existing procedures.